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Scratch Pics 1 Word Answers The Basic Pack cheats


Scratch Pics 1 Word Answers The Basic Pack cheats, Scratch Pics 1 Word Cheats, Answers, Word List for Game, with iPhone, iPad, Android for 450 levels of the game.if you need some help, here is the answers:

Scratch Pics 1 Word The Basic Pack 6 Letters Answer

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 26: BRICKS

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 27: BUBBLE

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 28: BUDDHA

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 29: EASTER

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 30: EIFFEL

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 31: FLOWER

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 32: LAPTOP

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 33: RUNNER

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 34: SUNDAE

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 35: SUNSET

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 36: TENNIS

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 37: TURTLE

Scratch Pics 1 Word The Basic Pack 7 Letters Answer

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 38: GARBAGE

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 39: KITCHEN

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 40: KITTENS

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 41: LADYBUG

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 42: MAHJONG

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 43: MASSAGE

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 44: PENGUIN

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 45: STUDENT

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 46: TRAFFIC

Scratch Pics 1 Word The Basic Pack 8 Letters Answer

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 47: BASEBALL

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 48: CAROUSEL

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 49: KEYBOARD

Scratch Pics 1 Word Level 50: SWIMMING

Icomania Level 9 Brand Answers

Icomania Answers

If you stuck on Icomania, we have Cheats for Icomania Level 9 Brand Answers:

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.1: DIESEL

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.2: LUFTHANSA

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.3: VANS

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.4: PHILIPS

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.5: NBC

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.6: BBC

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.7: BRIDGESTONE

Icomania Level 9 Brand No.8: DEUTSCHE BANK

One Clue Level 61 – 80 Answers


One Clue Level 61 – 80 Answers And Cheats.One Clue is the best word puzzle game run on Android,where you are provided with a Letter and a Clue to find the correct word.this app developed by Bonfire Media, Inc.One Clue Answers all Level just here! If you have some stuck on One Clue Game,please check it here.

One Clue Level 61 – 80 Answers

One Clue Level 61: TEACHER – Student Guide

One Clue Level 62: SWAN – Ugly Duckling

One Clue Level 63: WATER – 70% of Earth

One Clue Level 64: BRUISE – Tender Spot

One Clue Level 65: WRIST – Hand Connection

One Clue Level 66: DESK – Office Table

One Clue Level 67: POISON – Deadly Substance

One Clue Level 68: RABBIT – Pull one out of hat

One Clue Level 69: KITCHEN – Room For Cooking

One Clue Level 70: MINT – Breath Saver

One Clue Level 71: MUSCLES – Body Builder’s Strength

One Clue Level 72: MAGIC – Mystical Power

One Clue Level 73: STUDY – College Job

One Clue Level 74: THUNDER – Sound of Lightning

One Clue Level 75: LONDON – Big Ben Locale

One Clue Level 76: ARCTIC – Cold Region

One Clue Level 77: RANCH – Dressing or Farm

One Clue Level 78: SNAP – Crackle and Pop Companion

One Clue Level 79: TAXES – What The IRS Wants

One Clue Level 80: ANGELINA – Brad’s Companion

Picture IQ Answers and Walkthough Level 21 – 40

Pic IQ Answers

Picture IQ – Guess The Word Answers and Cheats for level 21 – level 40,Picture IQ is a new game for IPhone and Android. The game is about guessing the right word based on the four pictures that is being displayed for each level.We have the answers for all the levels.If you stuck on it, please checkout here!

Picture IQ Level 21 Answer: CREAM

Picture IQ Level 22 Answer: INK

Picture IQ Level 23 Answer: PRIDE

Picture IQ Level 24 Answer: MEDIA

Picture IQ Level 25 Answer: SMART

Picture IQ Level 26 Answer: PANEL

Picture IQ Level 27 Answer: TURN

Picture IQ Level 28 Answer: REACTION

Picture IQ Level 29 Answer: ALONE

Picture IQ Level 30 Answer: SALE

Picture IQ Level 31 Answer: SAFETY

Picture IQ Level 32 Answer: DESTINY

Picture IQ Level 33 Answer: SAVORY

Picture IQ Level 34 Answer: QUIET

Picture IQ Level 35 Answer: IRON

Picture IQ Level 36 Answer: ORNATE

Picture IQ Level 37 Answer: TRIPLE

Picture IQ Level 38 Answer: GRIEF

Picture IQ Level 39 Answer: POINTER

Picture IQ Level 40 Answer: NATURE

4 Pics 1 Word Level 482 Answer and Cheat – Value


4 Pics 1 Word Answer,A big house which is for sale,Little boy hugging tight his doll,Blue money box with € icon,Stack of money

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 482 : VALUE

Icomania Level 15 Brand Answers

Icomania Answers

Icomania Level 15 Brand Answers,cheats and walkthough. If you finding helps for Icomania Level 15,we have all Icomania Level 15 Brand Answers:

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.1: PANASONIC

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.2: WHIRLPOOL

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.3: VALVE

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.4: SHARP

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.5: SAAB

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.6: SAS

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.7: ZARA

Icomania Level 15 Brand No.8: MATTEL

Emoji Pop Answer Angel and Arrow


Emoji Pop Cheat word:angel and arrow,Emoji Pop Answers Level 9 Puzzle 260: CUPID

Emoji Pop Answer Flag and Rubgy Ball


Emoji Pop Cheat word: flag and rugby ball,Emoji Pop Answers Level 14 Puzzle 465: AMERICAN FOOTBALL

Emoji Pop Level 19 Answers No.630 – No.649


Emoji Pop uses some smileys and combines them with other icons for us to guess the word. Emoji Pop answers to all levels of the game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android.you can find Emoji Pop Answers For Level 19 here:

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 630: EYELINER. Help and Hints: Eye and Curvy Line

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 631: TONGUE TWIST. Help and Hints: Tongue and swirl

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 632: GUESS JEANS. Help and Hints: ? or Question Mark and Jeans

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 633: EYESHADOW. Help and Hints: Eye and color palette

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 634: CHRISTMAS CHOIR. Help and Hints: Christmas Tree,boy,girl,Music Notes

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 635: BRIGHT IDEA. Help and Hints: sun,lamp or light bulb,hand pointing up

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 636: MISS PIGGY. Help and Hints: woman and pig

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 637: WATCHMEN. Help and Hints: Watch,man,man

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 638: FIRE FIGHTER. Help and Hints: Fire,Fist or Punch,Man

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 639: PLUG AND PLAY. Help and Hints: Electric Plug, ,Play sign

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 640: RINGWORM. Help and Hints: Ring and worm

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 641: HASHTAG. Help and Hints: No. or hash and tag

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 642: RULEBOOK. Help and Hints: Steel Bar and stack of books

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 643: CAR WASH. Help and Hints: Water Drops,Red Car,Water Drops

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 644: MAKEOVER. Help and Hints: Woman having haircut,Rouge,Green Dress

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 645: ASTROLOGIST. Help and Hints: Man,Telescope,Night Sky

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 646: HOUSE WINE. Help and Hints: House and drink or wine

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 647: NYPD. Help and Hints: Liberty Statue and Police

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 648: BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Help and Hints: Left Arrow and White Clock

Emoji Pop Level 19 – 649: AFRICAN ELEPHANT. Help and Hints: Earth and Elephant

What The Riddle Level 81 – 100 Answers


Need some help on What The Riddle? we have What The Riddle Answers For Level 81 – 100:

What The Riddle Level 81: If two hours ago,it was as long after one o’clock in the afternoon as it was before one o’clock in the morning. WhatandNo.8230; ?
What The Riddle Level 81 Answer: NINE

What The Riddle Level 82: What is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything?
What The Riddle Level 82 Answer: SHADOW

What The Riddle Level 83: What types of words are these: madam,civic,eye,level?
What The Riddle Level 83 Answer: PALINDROME

What The Riddle Level 84: When you have me,you feel like sharing me,but,if you do share me,you don’t have me. What am I?
What The Riddle Level 84 Answer: SECRET

What The Riddle Level 85: The person who makes it has no need for it. The person who purchases it does not use it. The person who does use it doesandNo.8230; ?
What The Riddle Level 85 Answer: COFFIN

What The Riddle Level 86: It is an insect and the first part of it’s name is the name of another insect. What is it?
What The Riddle Level 86 Answer: BEETLE

What The Riddle Level 87: What english word retains the same pronunciation,even after you take away four of it’s five letters?
What The Riddle Level 87 Answer: QUEUE

What The Riddle Level 88: What becomes white when it is dirty?
What The Riddle Level 88 Answer: BLACKBOARD

What The Riddle Level 89: What word of five letters has only one left when two letters are removed?
What The Riddle Level 89 Answer: STONE

What The Riddle Level 90: How many 9′s are there between 1 and 100?
What The Riddle Level 90 Answer: TWENTY

What The Riddle Level 91: Which vehicle is spelled the same forwards and backwards?
What The Riddle Level 91 Answer: RACECAR

What The Riddle Level 92: I am lighter than air but a million men cannot lift me up. What am I?
What The Riddle Level 92 Answer: BUBBLE

What The Riddle Level 93: Five men were eating apples. A finished before B,but behind C. D finished before E,but behind B. What was the finishing order?
What The Riddle Level 93 Answer: CABDE

What The Riddle Level 94: David’s father has three sons: Snap,crackle and ____?
What The Riddle Level 94 Answer: DAVID

What The Riddle Level 95: t is everything – someone,and nothing – everyone else. What is it?
What The Riddle Level 95 Answer: MIND

What The Riddle Level 96: What has a mouth but can’t chew?
What The Riddle Level 96 Answer: RIVER

What The Riddle Level 97: A man says “brothers and sisters,have I none,but that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is he pointing at?
What The Riddle Level 97 Answer: SON

What The Riddle Level 98: If it is two hours later,then it will take half as much time till it’s midnight as it would be if it were an hour… ?
What The Riddle Level 98 Answer: NINE

What The Riddle Level 99: Forward I am heavy,backwards I am not. What am I?
What The Riddle Level 99 Answer: TON

What The Riddle Level 100: What object has keys that open no locks,space but no room,and you can enter but not go in?
What The Riddle Level 100 Answer: KEYBOARD

Emoji Pop Answer Anchor and Moon


Emoji Pop Cheat word: anchor and moon, Emoji Pop Answers Level 7 Puzzle 169: SAILORMOON

4 Pics 1 Word Level 581 Answer and Cheat – Drink


4 Pics 1 Word Hint,Woman enjoying her coffee in the morning,Cat licking the water,cat drinking from the tap,Woman drinking mineral water,mineral water bottle,Little baby drinking the milk,milk bottle

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 581 : DRINK

4 Pics 1 Word Level 401 Answer and Cheat – Comic


4 Pics 1 Word Hint,POW,red capital letter,red exclamation mark,2 white dogs wearing sunglasses and clown hats,Superman picture,with blank dialogue bubble,Male presenter wearing stripes shirt and hat,singing man

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 401 : COMIC

Emoji Pop Answer Mouse – Gun


Emoji Pop Cheat word: mouse and gun,Emoji Pop Answers Level 15 Puzzle 482: MOUSE HUNT

4 Pics 1 Word Level 646 Answer and Cheat – Pollute


4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Man using white mask,nose mask,Black smokes coming out from the car exhaust,Dark smokes coming out from the chimney factory,pollution,Pile of trash or junk

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 646 : POLLUTE

4 Pics 1 Word Level 1040 Answer and Cheat – Captain


4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Two ship crews,sailor uniform,discussing,Human icon,stirring wheel,ship wheel,Cartoon pirate,cartoon man with eye patch and hook,Ship leader at the control room,monitoring

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 1040 : CAPTAIN

Little Riddles Answers and Walkthough Level 101 – 120


Little Riddles Level 101 – 120 Answers and Cheats,Little Riddles is a word game with questions and answers by Juxta Labs. We are here to share you all the solutions,Answers and cheats to all levels in Little riddles, .You can run Little Riddles on iPhone, iPod and iPad.If you need help,we have the Little Riddles Cheats and solutions for you.

We have Little Riddles Answers For Level 101 – Level 120:

Little Riddles Level 101: A small paradise surrounded by dry heat. Some have Wonderwalls
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 101 Answer: OASIS

Little Riddles Level 102: If you’re worried that grandpa will bite just remove these.
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 102 Answer: DENTURES

Little Riddles Level 103: Mad bats and dogs carry this
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 103 Answer: RABIES

Little Riddles Level 104: Sounds like he works on public transportation but he really works in a restaurant
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 104 Answer: BUSBOY

Little Riddles Level 105: Retired people want these – be large and birds want them – hatch
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 105 Answer: NESTEGGS

Little Riddles Level 106: Mobsters judge the quality of a vehicle by the size of this
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 106 Answer: TRUNK

Little Riddles Level 107: The Titanic is still chilling here
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 107 Answer: ATLANTIC

Little Riddles Level 108: This patch of land stand alone
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 108 Answer: ISLAND

Little Riddles Level 109: Securing your documents is easy with these trusty metal objects
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 109 Answer: STAPLES

Little Riddles Level 110: Found at the back of a book or in an abdomen
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 110 Answer: APPENDIX

Little Riddles Level 111: These suck
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 111 Answer: VACUUM

Little Riddles Level 112: A gentleman whose offspring have successfully produced offspring go their own
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 112 Answer: GRANDPA

Little Riddles Level 113: Where food goes – get nuked
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 113 Answer: MICROWAVE

Little Riddles Level 114: If you’re on a diet,smelling a fresh pan of brownies could be described as this
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 114 Answer: TORTURE

Little Riddles Level 115: Announcing – the world that you’ve recently enjoyed a fizzy beverage
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 115 Answer: BELCH

Little Riddles Level 116: You” see savory dishes in Hong Kong sizzling in these
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 116 Answer: WOK

Little Riddles Level 117: Aquatic creature whose name is rather “tight”
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 117 Answer: SEAL

Little Riddles Level 118: A pony trots his way through the world on these
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 118 Answer: HOOF

Little Riddles Level 119: Kids love this bouncy,sugary,treat. It’s like colorful rubber that you can eat.
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 119 Answer: JELLO

Little Riddles Level 120: He has a genie – thank for the fact that he married a princess
Little Riddles – Word Game Level 120 Answer: ALADDIN

4 Pics 1 Word Level 74 Answer and Cheat – Barrel

Lotum GmbH 4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 74 Barrel

4 Pics 1 Word Cheat,A yellow oil barrel with the oil spilled out,A hand holding a handgun,A sniper aiming,A cat or kitty in a wooden bucket

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 74 : BARREL

What’s The Saying Slick Answers 26 – 50


What’s The Saying Slick Answers and Cheat for level 26 – 50. You can play What’s The Saying on Phone,iPad,iTouch.

We have Whats the Saying Slick Answers for Level 26 – Level 50:

Whats The Saying Slick 26: HAND ME DOWN

Whats The Saying Slick 27: PAINT THE TOWN

Whats The Saying Slick 28: THREE RING CIRCUS

Whats The Saying Slick 29: LEAN BEEF

Whats The Saying Slick 30: HALF THE BATTLE

Whats The Saying Slick 31: GO ALL OUT

Whats The Saying Slick 32: MIXED FEELINGS

Whats The Saying Slick 33: UPSIDE DOWN CAKE

Whats The Saying Slick 34: EYE SHADOW

Whats The Saying Slick 35: THE LAND DOWN UNDER

Whats The Saying Slick 36: TIP OF MY TONGUE

Whats The Saying Slick 37: HORSING AROUND

Whats The Saying Slick 38: ANNUAL CHECKUP

Whats The Saying Slick 39: RIGHT ON THE MONEY

Whats The Saying Slick 40: NO WORSE FOR WEAR

Whats The Saying Slick 41: INTENSE PRESSURE

Whats The Saying Slick 42: WON BY THE NOSE

Whats The Saying Slick 43: ONLINE SHOPPING

Whats The Saying Slick 44: ERASE THE PAST

Whats The Saying Slick 45: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF

Whats The Saying Slick 46: FORTY WINKS

Whats The Saying Slick 47: DELTA FORCE

Whats The Saying Slick 48: EXTENDED WARRANTY

Whats The Saying Slick 49: DEEP POCKETS

Whats The Saying Slick 50: HEAT WAVE

Emoji Pop Level 7 Answers No.151 – No.170


Emoji Pop Answers and cheats For Level 7,151 – 170,do you need this cheats? feel free to use it

Emoji Pop Level 7 – 151: UPSIDE DOWN / Up,right,down arrows


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 152: KISS OF DEATH / Blow kiss emoji and skull


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 153: GRAND PARENTS / old man and old woman


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 154: CUTS BOTH WAYS / Scissors and left-right arrow


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 155: X FILES / X or Close icon,and 2 folders


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 156: EASTER EGG / Rabbit or bunny and fried egg


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 157: PUMPKIN PIE / Halloween Pumpkin and slice of cake


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 158: ANIMAL PLANET / Dog,Tiger,Lamb,World


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 159: WORLD CHAMPION / World or globe and a trophy


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 160: RAINBOW COLOR / Rainbow and color pallet


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 161: HELLO KITTY / girl waving and a cat


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 162: ORCHESTRA / Violin,trumpet,saxophone


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 163: PROS AND CONS / 2 plus signs and 2 minus signs


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 164: SAILOR MOON  Anchor and crescent moon


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 165: CHICKEN RUN / Chicken and running


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 166: DR SEUSS Cat,Out,Top Hat


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 167: NASA /American flag and rocket

Emoji Pop Level 7 – 168: FERRARI / Italian Flag,red car and two blowing winds


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 169: NOTRE DAME / Graduation cap,four leaf clover and football


Emoji Pop Level 7 – 170: COUGAR /A woman and a cheetah


4 Pics 1 Word Level 423 Answer and Cheat – Feline


4 Pics 1 Word Cheat,Sitting fat cat,Panther icon,black panther,leaping or running panther,Female lion,Cartoon cat targeting the fish inside the aquarium,cat claws

4 Pics 1 Word Answer,Solution,Cheat Level 423 : FELINE